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Twain Harte Golf Club

Twain Harte Golf Club
22909 Meadow Lane

Nine hole golf course located in Twain Harte and surrounded by beautiful towering pines.


In 1862, Patrick Williams acquired 640 acres of land, including the meadow where the Twain Harte Golf Course is now located. Williams planted apple and pear orchards, herded a few head of cattle and   maintained a watering place for the freight wagons bound for the east slope mines. Williams' son inherited the ranch, and in 1923 sold out to Alonzo and Keturah Wood. Wood subdivided the area in 1924 and so named it Twain Harte after two famous Mother Lode authors, Mark Twain and  Bret Harte.

The "Arch", today Twain Harte's entrance trademark, was built in 1933, and has been rebuilt many times. A new Arch was built in the 1970's and modified in 1995. The Arch was damaged in 2002, and by June 2003, many volunteers, providing design work, labor and donated materials, was once again renovated to make it even more appealing to the many visitors who pass through it today.

Ray Eproson bought the Twain Harte Grocery in 1930. He then allowed the local development company to construct a golf course in the Twain Harte Meadow, exacting as his share a rent of $1.00 a year.  In 1947 the Eproson House was built, and since has become a restaurant and another familiar Twain Harte landmark. Eproson Park was also later created to pay tribute to the  family's endless civic contributions.

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