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Arrowhead Golf Club

Arrowhead Golf Club
26W151 Butterfield Road

For more than 150 years, the corner stone of this facility was an original stone building erected in the 1850's by Mr. C. Frankinhim with stones brought from Plainfield, Illinois. Mr. Frankinhim remained on the land until late in the 1800's when his barn burned. The property was then taken over by Matt Kammes. In 1905 the farm was purchased by John Brown who sold it in 1924 to the builders of the first golf course on the site.

The original 18-hole Antlers Club was built with horse drawn plows in the 1920's by Ralph Weimer and his family. The tees and greens were constructed first. These were followed by ponds that, when viewed from the air, resembled a pair of antlers.

In 1929 the club was renamed Arrowhead Golf Club for the many Native American artifacts that were found on the site during construction. In 1967 the West Course was constructed bringing the number of holes to the current total of 27.

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