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ArgueMent Golf Course

ArgueMent Golf Course
North 9603 Argue Road

About Us:

Our course is not the typical American park-style course. We follow a more European vision of minimal irrigation, naturalized "waste areas," and small greens with lots of movement. Less is more! The course changes with the seasonal rains, forcing the golfer to adapt. Visitors from Scotland have told us, "It feels like home."

Course design, construction, and maintenance is undertaken by the owners, extended family, and friends. Bent-grass greens, bluegrass, and fescue fairways and tees are used throughout. It is--and always will be--a work of love in progress (both of the land and the game). We minimize pesticide and herbicide to enable as many people as possible to enjoy the course without fear of risk.

The course is currently nine holes, with unused portions left fallow in tall grasses. There is room for 18, but we wrestled with the notion of expansion.

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